From Local to Global

The world of creative arts is a magical scene that blossoms with talent and individuality from all walks of life. Australia is thriving with up and coming artists, fearless in showing off their extravagant point of view. Musicians, Designers and all that are unique in the arts, are taking the entrepreneurial path by self promoting their […]

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The Secret

WHAT IS THE SECRET? Many by now should have heard through publications, Netflix doco’s or word of mouth what The Secret really is .. If you haven’t … well its never too late. TODAY IS A NEW DAY! Iv’e come to notice lately I have been spending my hours before bed time scrolling through Netflix […]

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Ello Ello! Welcome to my wonderland! I have created this blog as a platform to gain more experience in writing digital and editorial content in hope to refine the skills necessary to excel in the fashion industry. Little ambitious me , has high hopes to swing the ropes amongst international fashionistas. As you may have […]