Ello Ello!

Welcome to my wonderland! I have created this blog as a platform to gain more experience in writing digital and editorial content in hope to refine the skills necessary to excel in the fashion industry.

Little ambitious me , has high hopes to swing the ropes amongst international fashionistas. As you may have read in my ABOUT ME , I do currently work on freelance projects as a wardrobe stylist. So far I have had a rocking kickstart with some great teams on various photoshoots exploring my creative potential. These experiences of course led me to the strong desire I have today to progress further in this field.

As I relocated interstate , I unfortunately had to leave my connections behind. However I have no fear in establishing myself in a new town. While settling in , I decided to explore courses which would allow me to enhance my knowledge and opportunities toward a fashion career.

It all became so clear, I love to write, I love fashion…why not do both?

So I now study writing and editing while I prepare to get back into the scene of a new location. I hope to reach the audience of fashion savvy readers, and like minded creatives.

The online world has become such a huge network to interact and share our stories. No need to walk alone!

Lets get connected , inspired and reach for the stars! 

Here are some images from my portfolio Id like to share with you, feel free to comment and let me know what you think of my styling expertise so far and if you too are striving to make your mark in the industry…

xoxo – Kortni Portia


To see more of my styling portfolio you can visit the links below or checkout the KPFashion & Style Menu in the side bar.




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