Trending Tuesday

Its always a show off season when the suns shining , pool parties pumping and beach bar outings are becoming the regular sunday fun day!

Many of us gals don’t have much time to shop around during the week and end up pulling together a last minute tipsy fuelled outfit.

So prepare ahead of time and shop online!

It isn’t for everyone , of course not being able to see the product before purchase or try these on , usually stops people from adding to the cart.

We must ask ourselves how much less stressed we feel playing around with a wardrobe appropriate for the season…. compared to rummaging through clothes, (which end up in mountain piles on your bedroom floor) only resulting in mismatching something you wore last weekend along with your girlfriends new jeans.Ā 


SO…while scouring the net for inspiration I always check out the latest collections and looks on trend. Personally I don’t always like to follow the mainstream trends , I like to mash a range on styles together till it suits the feel Im after.

Heres some of my mood boards of inspiration Ive put together from a variety of designers. The styles ill be hunting for to get me through the S/S flutter.


1# DARE TO STAND OUT Ā – Vivienne Westwood :The Joan Dress/ Prada : Pionniere Bag


2# UPTOWN SPICE – Lela Rose Dress/ Black Milk Clothing: The Reaper Dress/ Karen Waker Sunglasses/Fendi: Tea Tosh Bag/Michael Kors Shoes


3# CANDY POP – Karen Walker: Limited Edition Marguerite Rose Gold/LV Bag




Your Fashion Fanatic , Kortni Portia. Ā Ā Ā


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