The Secret


Many by now should have heard through publications, Netflix doco’s or word of mouth what The Secret really is .. If you haven’t … well its never too late. TODAY IS A NEW DAY!

Iv’e come to notice lately I have been spending my hours before bed time scrolling through Netflix in search for something compelling and mind catching.

In just one click I was back on to the motivational train soaking up all the inspiration from the worlds most successful people. I have in fact skimmed across “The Secret” book , however if your anything like me , you know your attention span can be quick fuelled.

This documentary had me mesmerised. It was perfect reminder to refocus my energy 100% toward my future goals. Even though most of us think to ourselves ” Yeah I already knew that ” or unfortunately ” Well they don’t know what its like to live in my shoes”.

Interesting isn’t it? 

Most of the time initial opinions on something of this nature will be either negative or full of ego. However! This is a great place to start if you haven’t already began to re evaluate your life so that it serves you to highest potential.

About a year ago I was given a Tony Robbins 30 day Date With Destiny audio tape. Since beginning that process my mind began to instantly shift into a motivated state and positive outlook on life, I felt the need to share all this new wisdom through every conversation I had.

After completion of that 30 day course I seemed to maintain that mind set for quite some time. Months went passed and I realised I was experiencing a limbo like, dull , day to day lifestyle.

What happened?

I didn’t follow through completely. I did a little bit of the work and expected everything to change, and in fact others around me. I expected people to take my advice and inspiring tips, and grow with me.

Thats not how it works.

I was still confident in my manifestation power but was not using it enough. I let other people question my theories and doubt my ambitions.

After watching “The Secret”(on Netflix) I felt a breeze of re awakening and my consciousness was like a lamp with a new bulb.

Now I know what my inspiration is , where to find it and where to look. And no I’m not suggesting Netflix is now my source of insight. It is in successful positive people I seek relatable thinking.

So I am happy to announce being back on right path toward my goals feels truly liberating. Heres my top 3 things I can confidently share with you ..

  1. FIND WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO – What brings you the greatest , effortless joy to your life?

  2. DONT TRY TO CONVINCE OTHERS – The more you try to convince others that your new way of thinking is far more beneficial than yours, you will ultimately burn yourself out. You can’t carry everyone with you , the sooner you realise everybody has that exact opportunity you have been given you will realise it is their choices that will determine their destiny.

  3. ACT ON YOUR IDEAS –  It is more than just imagining your dreams coming to fruition. As much as that helps you must make progress, even one thing per day toward your goal , persistence counts.

Im hoping this has sparked a little something within you so that you can be intrigued to go and hunt for more.

If you want it , go and get it , whats stopping you?






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