From Local to Global

The world of creative arts is a magical scene that blossoms with talent and individuality from all walks of life. Australia is thriving with up and coming artists, fearless in showing off their extravagant point of view. Musicians, Designers and all that are unique in the arts, are taking the entrepreneurial path by self promoting their craft and growing their networks by collaborating with like minded artists on a freelance basis.

With a huge social media platform accessible at little to no cost, artists are rapidly gaining recognition for their work. Websites such as StarNow – a global talent directory are giving Models, Actors, Stylists, Producers, aspiring film makers and more the opportunity to connect with other professionals or beginners in the field they wish to pursue.

Today I sit down with CEO/Designer Portia C to chat about how she grew her business from the ground up. ‘Portia C’ is now an international label featuring luxury/ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. Portia has personally risen through the ranks rapidly (with no formal training) from locally freelancing her craft in Brisbane, Queensland to now travelling the globe by demand!

When did your passion for fashion kick in ?

Portia : “From the age of about 15 I think I truly stepped into my love for individuality. I started thrift shopping with my friends and began to really lust over different pieces of clothing. I loved big, chunky, vintage jewellery, high waisted nana skirts and bright florals! All that was different, really became my norm. By the time I was 17 I decided to drop out of school and attempt studying Fashion Design at Tafe – DIDNT LAST LONG! (haha). After dropping out of Tafe I went straight in to wardrobe styling.”

How did your career evolve from Stylist to Designer?

Portia: “After a couple of years freelance styling, meeting Models, Makeup Artists, Photographers etc through sites like StarNow and building my portfolio, I got a craving to return back to my roots and design my items for the photo shoots. I got recognised from a organisation RAW  Artists who invited to showcase my work at their next event. That really gave me the push, to get back into designing. From there I followed the drive to create more and researched where and how I could go about showcasing again!”

What advice would you have for upcoming artists and how they can go about excelling in the industry?

Portia:“The most important thing to remember is to never loose sight of what you love to do. Always go back to the ‘why’ you started do what you do. I think a lot of people think that if they get the formal training, qualifications etc that they then have what it takes to become a success. This is where problems start. Passion is the strongest talent someone can possess, and nurturing that by surrounding yourself with others who love to create and bring out the best in you.”

It was a great experience to interact with an artist like Portia C. For those of you who are seeking ways to unleash your talent and creative flow, I have attached some links to great websites where anyone can join and kickstart their networking. Tell your family, tell your friends, spread the word of self made artists and support Australian talent.

Courtney Cush



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