I am delighted to introduce to you my interactive online journal of  expression. I hope to captivate a large audience by connecting and sharing my articles with other open minded creatives and passionate fashion enthusiasts.

From a tiny tot I’ve been writing in my own unique style , whether that be poems to my family for christmas or birthdays , or the endless diaries in which I still own. When I write , I seem to unknowingly explore vocabulary. I believe language is expandable and there is no right or wrong way when stringing together certain words to describe your editorial material.

That truly is the beauty of writing…its pure..its freedom.

I personally like to express the passion behind every article, taking readers through an experience, a journey through there own imaginative capacity.

I currently work as a freelance wardrobe stylist arranging and preparing clothing for photoshoots and events . So far I have been lucky enough to work with some great professionals, allowing me to gain industry knowledge and begin a portfolio.

For me , there really is such fulfilment in working as a team to create a flawless vision. When ideas begin to expand on set and the energy of excitement circles the atmosphere ,  magical moments grow and fashion then comes to life.

I find contentment in the romance of fabrics , captivating patterns and unique designs. The smell of makeup and hairspray. The chaotic rush for perfection on limited timing. And the sense of importance , purpose…

“I lust the life of the front row fashionistas – aka “FROW”, and crave the day I sit with Anna Wintour. “


Kortni Portia xx



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